I was born in Sardinia, adopted as a naturalized citizen in the US.

I have been fortunate to travel with family and friends to Pompeii, Egypt, Greece, and Sardinia.

My passion and interest in the history of Sardinia and Italy have inspired me into two historical research projects. One centers on the history of Sardinia from Bronze Age through to late Renaissance. Sardinia’s Phoenician, Roman and Medieval periods are fascinating. Aristocratic Sardinian women married into some of the noteworthy noble families of Medieval Europe.

My second research project centers on the Medieval and Renaissance history of the Duchies and Dynasties throughout Italy. Italy was not just about the Borgia and the Medici. The Gonzaga, Visconti, Sforza and d’Este played central roles in the development of Italy’s city-states.

This blog will feature excerpts from my research.

All content herein is my own, but where integrity demands, I give credit to the hard-working scholars who have enriched my knowledge.

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